Retiring Abroad - 5 Reasons You Should Consider Moving Abroad

by Sacha Tarkovsky

More Americans are buying their second homes or retiring abroad than ever before.

Retired couple in Costa Rica.Here we will look at the advantages and how you can obtain a much better standard of living than you can in the US and do it easily.

So what are the advantages of retiring abroad?

1. Proximity

Many Americans are looking at Central America and with good reason, its just a few hours from the southern States of the US, flights are frequent and their cheap.

So, you can have all the advantages of a higher standard of living and still be close to home.

For Americans retiring abroad Costa Rica remains the number one destination of choice and we will look at all the advantages here:

2. It's Cheaper your lifestyle is better

You can buy houses at up to 70% cheaper in Costa Rica than in the US Southern states, you also get a better standard of living and when you retire abroad here and you can live comfortably on $2,000 a month

3. Its beautiful and peaceful

Imagine stunning beaches, volcanoes, rolling hills, rainforest and beautiful wild life in a country where the people are friendly, serious crime is rare, people have time to talk and there's no traffic, when retiring to Costa Rica you get all this and more.

4. You have the comforts

You would expect you would have at home including great communications, entertainment, nightlife and many shops your familiar and of course you can enjoy a leisurely round of golf or maybe a rain forest tour.

5. Retiring in Costa Rica is easy!

People retiring here is one of the main reasons the economy is booming and the government makes it easy for foreginers to retire to Costa Rica.

You get the same rights to land and property as Costa Rica residents, there is no tax on your social security and there are plenty of specialist companies that make retiring easy.

It's only a three hour flight, so you are ever far from home and the communications are excellent with broadband and an excellent phone network.

Ask yourself this question

Do you want the high prices of the South coast of the US or do you want to maintain and increase your standard of life be close to home but have all the benefits of paradise?

Well, retiring to Costa Rica gives you all the above and much more and as it's the number one retirement destination of choice for Americans. You wont feel out of place with a large and booming expat community.

Like many Americans you may be concerned about inflation, high prices and maintaining your standard of living when you retire. Retiring to Costa Rica not only allows you to main your standard of living but improve it!

You have worked hard all your life and now its time to enjoy yourself, so retire to Costa Rica and do just that.

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